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I believe unofficially 7th Heaven will now become Ultimate Destiny, the new project I have been working on with Cyclobe for quite some time. I'll keep the site up for a little while longer but in a few months the Final Fantasy sections will be converted to the UD format. Of course I will be keeping the Invasion America page up. That is one obsession that I will never leave behind. to check out the UD message board click here. Thanks for the support throughout the years and I'll keep everyone updated.



Alright...If you are wondering where I have been the past few months, I have been home. College applications and homework have kept me bogged down. I really create a mess for myself sometimes.

Since the future is uncertain, I'm going to see how long I can keep this place up. Hey, it hasn't been all that bad. But now Freeservers is adjusting the amount of space storage (almost half of what it use to be). So the finalfantasyheaven.htmlplanet.com url will be away for a while as I reshape the place to accommodate Freeservers' requirements. Not only that but the format of the site will change. 7th Heaven is going to be transformed into a generic RPG site. The only page that will remain will be Invasion America, mostly because it's still an obsession and the general population seems to enjoy it immensely.

To add on, a new message board is being created. My friend Cyclobe69 and myself have decided to take on this task in order to create something that will be worth attending. After a recent downfall of a fairly well-known site, we felt that it was time to act upon our ideas. Maybe one day 7th Heaven will become the best known RPG info site *rolls eyes*. When pigs fly. As long as I keep a few people entertained, I'm happy.

So be expected to see some new things in the coming months.

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Look at how much time has passed! So much to do...

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